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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I am sad because I have not that shade

A shade which was with me when I was embryo

A shade that protect me from all evil & evildoer

When I have no sense.

A shade that care me when I started crawling .

And remember my hunger whenever I forget .


Today I am sad because I have not that feel .

When I heard a single loud clap in ground .

Although I got last position in the race.

A Feel that feel myself

When everyone go against me in the world.

A feel for that I am most great.

Today I am sad because I have not that power

That force and encourage me

When I first time fell down

A power that stop me to go wrong way.

And make me capable to find out

What is good and bad for me.

Today I am sad because I am fool

Who think her way to taught

Her rude nature .

While she making myself strong

To face all thunder of world.

Today I am sad and I think I will always sad.

Because she has started to think

That I am mature now.

And I have no need to her .

Because I have started to give suggestion her.


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