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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judiciary: Restructure or amend it

Why the judiciary is playing with the all public emotions. Who has authorize it to do so. Who can make it arise the question on the functioning of the judiciary system. Although as for its concern, the sentence is to make sure justice for all. Judiciary go with punch, let it be released many of accused, against the justice to innocents. As per the sentence, we should think about Quasab as well. The question is that judiciary of india functioning for whom. Is it set-up for us (Indian) or non indian also. If it is true that the justice is to cure rights and freedom of life of whole human kind. So we should be expected same as from other republics also. As for common concerns with Indians about mumbai attack, we could have get Qusab throat block till his death. This can be my only opinion, but it is not true. This is the voice of nation of its freedom fighters and the own blood irrigaters of green india, enriched india, happy india, golden india. Each of classes are irritated by judiciary on the matter of Quasab. When this suffocation mounting up as its faster speed, each one began to go far from the set-up system. Judiciary has to be accountable for the people of state. The time is going fast towards the neo-age of fresh breath for all. Every one is saying, sharing, understanding, and interacting with surrounding. Early in tomorrow, people will be participating as well. if judiciary does'nt reply and aware so the time is coming when public come to the judges and begin to ask, leave the hold over judiciary and go away from this honor bench and chair. Although judiciary must aware all about cases but it has to be very aware regarding this types of cases, simultaneously amending public nature to distrust on natural justice.

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