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Friday, December 25, 2009

Right & duty go simultaneously

Gujrat is rapidly going to be ideal state of india. This happens, when a political will works. State legislature passed compulsory voting in civic elections act. This shows real commitment of the government, for the citizen. This is very surprising that some of politicians are protesting the Guj-state's commitment to the people.If protesters are unable to appriciate this act on the political base, if they do not like to give chance, if they think this is not in fevoure of public, than they should realise to public that early in future certainly some of electional improving steps can be considered. Either protesters should support to the Guj-govt on this matter or they atleast think about some improvements in electional process. If they are not supporting to govt, so the people can understand now opposotional political intentions behind this protest. We greet it as a good step, because after 1947 there were big challange ahead to interprit democracy's charateristics. Gandhi jee suggested that the congress should be desolved as political party rather it can be better as volunteer organization, and all congerssmen dispersed across the country and let them teach democracy to all of indian people. When Gandhi adviced this some of power greeders are larking thier toung to test power. Everyone respecting to congress and awarding its members but some of congressmen wanted to pick benefit of the emmotions. They used to believe in, respect autometic comes through power but power can not come through respect. Again when some political will is resound after Vallabha (The iron man) so some of pseudo leaders are opposing an important step to improving electional process and trying to realize to all of people who began to criticize system and politics and its opraters like bureaocrates and politicians but don't participate in the electional process. Although Gujrat is first state that adopts this in india, but in world having several countries, those believe in mendatory voting. We all wellcome to the Gujrat govt's step to mendat voting in civic election. This is very much important to maintain with enhancing democratic traditions and literacy. Keep voting who are doing this piose,patriotic,and country dedication task and start who feel to vote is time westage and i apeal to all of you please vote for democracy.

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