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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome my new friends

Dreams are what? -- An insight of your persona. They help you in achieving what might be quite difficult if you look otherwise. What`s my dream. If anybody would have asked me this question a year back I might have fallen short of words and may be you could have found me guessing. But today I am very clear about my goals and especially my dreams. I know where I have to reach and for this all thanks to Makhanlal University. The university has basically given me confidence, dareness and an attitude to survive in the media industry. So I wish for all the new students of my CAVS that they also get a bright future ensuring immense success in their lives.

Enjoy yourselves considering the fact that you are enjoying your dreams, then I can guarantee that you will never distract nor would ever fail.

I wish all the new chickens a bright future ahead as now the eggs have hatched and lets see who all will evolve out as ugly ducklings or transform themselves into beautiful swans.

God bless you all.

If anybody wants to contact me--
Devika Chhibber
F-104, Sector-27, Noida (UP)
Contact No.- 09310953590

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